Direct investments

Our current portfolio consists of the following companies

“Direct Investments are our most important area of activity, and we focus on long-term active ownership.” – Fritz Rieber, CEO


  • Eiendomskreditt is an independent credit institution that provides loans for commercial real estate and common-debt loans for housing cooperatives.

    Industry: Banking and Finance
    CEO: Eirik Maurstad
    Rieber & Søn board members: Jørund Haga Indrehus


  • GSGroup is a leading Nordic supplier of fleet management, mobile object positioning, and field service registration for personell.

    Industry: Positioning technology
    CEO: Espen Ranvik
    Rieber & Søn board members: Fritz Rieber (chairman)

Fonn Group

  • Fonn Group is a corporation that through various companies offers a range of products, software-solutions and services for use within media production both in Scandinavia and globally.

    Industry: Media Technology
    CEO: Haavard Myklebust
    Rieber & Søn board members: Trond Valvik


  • TCO is a Norwegian company providing downstream technology for the oil industry. The business is specialized towards design, production and installation of glass barrier plugs, systems for chemical injection, and equipment and services for tubing conveyed perforation (TCP).

    Industry: Petroleum technology
    CEO: Robert Jay Abercrombie
    Rieber & Søn board members: Øystein Elgan (chair) and Jørund Haga Indrehus


  • WaterCircles is an insurance company that maintains two insurance brands, namely Winterbergh and WaterCircles. The company supplies non-life insurance for selected customers.

    Industry: Insurance
    CEO: Gaute Herdlevær
    Rieber & Søn board members: Jørund Haga Indrehus, Trond Valvik and Cathrine Monsen


  • Metzum is a technology company seated in Bergen. Their product offering consists of forward-looking software for electricity-providers, grid-owners and other customer groups who depend on efficient solutions for clearing and factoring.

    Industry: Power-industry technology
    CEO: Johnny Ivar Haugsbakk
    Rieber & Søn board members: Trond Valvik


  • is a Norwegian software-company that delivers logistics-solutions to ensure fair pricing of goods for farmers and producers, while optimizing the process from production to consumption.

    Industry: E-commerce
    CEO: Eilev Morgens Haukaas
    Rieber & Søn board members: Fritz Rieber and Ingvild Stautland (deputy)

Securities and bank deposits

The securities- and bank deposits-division is an important part of Rieber & Søns’ business.

These investment activities include subject- and case-based positions in Norway, and a notable portfolio of Norwegian bonds managed by Borea Asset Management. The company also makes more focused investments in foreign securities and bonds through mandates with select external financial services providers.

All final investment decisions are made by a dedicated team at Rieber & Søn, that oversees that the allocations achieve a well-diversified and appropriate distribution.


Rieber & Søn is engaged in multiple parts of the shipping sector. The company acts as a ship owner of chemical tankers through daughter companies.

Additionally, shipping is represented in the Rieber & Søn portfolio by an ownership stake in the pool-management company Hansa Tankers Management, that was founded in Bergen in 2010.

Hansa Tankers

Hansa Tankers Management is a pool-management company, and accounts for one of Rieber & Søns’ shipping investments. They operate a modern fleet of stainless-steel tankers. Since their inception in 2010 the pool has increased from 3 to closer to 50 vessels, with an average age of 6 years.

In total, the fleets capacity is 1.270.339 DWT, and operations cover world-wide freight of all types of bulk chemicals. The vessels can carry all types of IMO II/III liquid chemicals.