The Rieber family’s Norwegian story began with a dramatic shipwreck north of Bergen in 1817. The industrial legacy dates back to 1839.

1817 The dramatic beginning

The emigrant ship «De Zee Ploeg», bound for America, is shipwrecked north of Bergen after being ravaged by a hurricane. Among the passengers are the Rieber family from Ebingen in Germany.

1839 P.G. Rieber established

Paul Gottlieb Rieber, only eight years old when «De Zee Ploeg» stranded, establishees the firm P.G. Rieber and opens trade and vinegar production.

1950-70 An industry group emerges

The corporation is transformed from a trading company into a major industrial group. Sales volumes grow by a factor of five, as does the number of employees – from 292 to 1591.

1987 Merger and stock exchange listing

The company is merged with building materials company Jacob Neumann and Nodest Industries. Following the merger, Rieber & Søn is listed on the Oslo Stock Exchange.

2000 Focus on food and beverage

Rieber & Søn abandons the conglomerate model to concentrate on food and beverages.

2012 Orkla acquisition

Rieber & Søn is acquired by consumer goods company Orkla and later merged with Stabburet to form Orkla Foods Norway.

2015 Investment company

Rieber & Søn brings its legacy into the future, as an investment company aspiring to foster growth and renewal.