Rieber & Søn is engaged in multiple parts of the shipping sector. The company acts as a ship owner of chemical tankers through daughter companies.

Additionally, shipping is represented in the Rieber & Søn portfolio by an ownership stake in the pool-management company Hansa Tankers Management, that was founded in Bergen in 2010.

Hansa Tankers

Hansa Tankers Management is a pool-management company, and accounts for one of Rieber & Søns’ shipping investments. They operate a modern fleet of stainless-steel tankers. Since their inception in 2010 the pool has increased from 3 to closer to 50 vessels, with an average age of 6 years.

In total, the fleets capacity is 1.270.339 DWT, and operations cover world-wide freight of all types of bulk chemicals. The vessels can carry all types of IMO II/III liquid chemicals.

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